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ProNitric | Amino Acid, Nitric Oxide Supplement



Pro-Nitric is the premium health supplement product you've been searching for! With all the vitamins, amino acids, and minerals you need to have the elite work out or exercise program, you can't afford NOT to buy it!

                                       Benefits of PRO-NITRIC:

- Immune Enhancer: One of the effects of L-arginine on the body is to raise thymus gland activity. The thymus gland manufactures T-cells, and the more T-cells the body has, the stronger the body’s immune system is. L-arginine benefits the body by helping to create more T-cells and this in turn can help to slow down tumor growth, cancer, and help with diseases such as AIDS, which suppress the body's immune system. 

-  Arginine-nitric oxide relation: Another of the benefits of L-arginine is nitric oxide synthesis. Nitric oxide helps to relax and dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to heart and brain. Therefore, L-arginine supplements may be beneficial for anyone suffering from heart and blood vessel problems.

-  Arginine-Weight loss and bodybuilding: L-arginine supplements are very common among body builders and those wishing to lose weight. Arginine helps to decrease the amount of fat in the body by helping to metabolize protein. This is done by improving the nitrogen balance in the body and the body is therefore able to convert protein into muscle mass more easily. 

-  Fertility: Arginine increases sperm count. Studies have shown that a high arginine dosage can be extremely beneficial for men who have low sperm counts. Arginine can also be used as a natural treatment for erection problems. This is due to the fact that arginine helps to increase the blood flow to the genital area by stimulating nitric oxide in the body.

It was in 1988 that three researchers were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for their discovery of the gas, Nitric Oxide. This gas is very beneficial in controlling the circulation of blood and in the regulating of the brain, lungs, kidneys, liver and other vital organs. In fact, there are many tissues that benefit from Nitric Oxide to regulate numerous functions in the body. With the help of Nitric Oxide, blood pressure can be lowered while both blood flow and blood vessel diameter are improved. You find endothelial cells that help in the controlling and relaxing of blood vessels, and this is helped with the use of Nitric Oxide.

You also find that Nitric Oxide Supplements widen blood vessels, offer protection to the heart from damage and increase the supply of oxygen to the body. It is also possible to establish regular electrical impulses and Nitric Oxidermal rhythm to the heart through Nitric Oxide. Another benefit of Nitric Oxide as a nutritional supplement is that it helps in stimulating, restoring and magnifying the responses of female and male genitalia. In fact, one of the effects of Viagra is increasing the amount of Nitric Oxide in the body as Nitric Oxide lengthens and heightens the time of stimulation.

 The immune system is also benefited from Nitric Oxide as the immune cells generally release Nitric Oxide to kill bacteria, and both parasitic and viral infections. The production of the blood cells in the bone marrow is enhanced with Nitric Oxide supplements, wherein the number of immune boosting "Killer T-Cells" is increased. Nitric Oxide is also a great mediator for both rheumatism and inflammation as it helps to relieve pain. In fact, the drug morphine produces Nitric Oxide which is basically a Nitric Oxide-addictive and an important part of the drug. In addition to all of this, Nitric Oxide supplements also help in widening the blood channels that lead to skeletal muscles, so those using Nitric Oxide as a supplement tend to gain lean muscle mass faster and experience increased endurance. It is also very beneficial in the muscle recovery of the full body.

 Nitric Oxide is also responsible for the transmission of messages between the nerve cells and is connected with the processes of memory, sleeping and learning. Nitric Oxide nutritional supplements help in stimulating the brain and helps in modulating numerous functions that range from behavior to gastrointestinal activity, and last, but not least, Nitric Oxide supplements help in the reduction of tumor growth and in the process, increases immune response against cancerous cells.

 As it can be seen, Nitric Oxide is a great supplement that is responsible for the improvement of the functioning of many systems of the body. In addition to all of these benefits, Nitric Oxide is rich in B-sitosterol, ursolic, glycosides, plant sterols and anthraquinones. It is also rich in potassium, calcium, zinc, vitamin A and C and iron. The fact that Nitric Oxide helps in the increase of blood flow is what makes it a great supplement for bodybuilders. This is because with increased blood flow, it is possible for the blood to deliver more nutrients to the muscles and in the process, helps make them bigger. Moreover, since it helps in the reduction of inflammation, it is beneficial for bodybuilders as it helps in reducing the pain muscles have with extreme stress.

 PRO - NITRIC complex is one of the most advanced neurotransmitters for the human body. This proprietary blend of L-arginine 5000mg, citrulline 2000mg, k2, Resveratrol, Pomegranate, D-3, Coq 10, L-Glutamine, and other key ingredients, used in PRO-NITRIC have been proven to benefit the CIRCULATORY, GLANDULAR, INTESTINAL,IMMUNE, NERVOUS system URINARY, RESPIRATORY,  DIGESTIVE, AND STRUCTURAL systems in the human body. Nobel Prize research along with the scientific validation of the ingredients used in PRO-NITRIC proves this to be the ultimate break through supplement. Our product has more than 50% more product than any other similar brands. All key ingredients are equal or better (please see supplemental facts). If you are a Body builder wanting to add muscle mass, if you are an athlete who wants better work-outs, recovery times or even better races, or if you just want to feel better and young again. This product is for you. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Lou Ignarro Has wrote the following books on product found in PRO-NITRIC: NO More Heart Disease: How Nitric Oxide Can Prevent - Even Reverse - Heart Disease and Strokes. New York: St. Martin's Press (2005). ISBN 0312335822.Health Is Wealth: 10 Power Nutrients That Increase Your Odds Of Living To 100. Health Value Publications (2009). ASIN: B002RS4388.