Oximen | Oxygen Enhanced Pain Relief | Aloe MSM

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Oximen | Oxygen Enhanced Pain Relief | Aloe MSM

A powerful blend of natural ingredients to reduce discomfort and inflammation associated with muscle and joint pain.

Back pain, sore muscles, and aching joints can throw you off your game and prevent you from experiencing all the joys of life. If you’re ready to live without the pain, consider OxiMSM™ Oxygen Enhanced Pain Relief by the Performance Supplements Store. This roll-on gel is replete with soothing, anti-inflammatory botanicals and minerals that you can apply topically to sore areas, such as sore muscles and stiff joints.This roll-on pain relief gel utilizes ASO® Activated Oxygen, which supports tissue health by optimizing the delivery of oxygen from the lungs to tissues through distilled water, sodium chloride, trace minerals, and bio-available oxygen. Because it comes in rollerball form, you won’t have to worry about making a mess with a tube of cream or getting your hands sticky or greasy. Enjoy quick and easy application when you need it. Experiencing a pain-free life has never been easier. This topical pain-relieving MSM liquid contains naturally sourced ingredients, including willow bark extract and whole leaf aloe vera concentrate, both of which are known for their anti-inflammatory and healing properties as well as their ability to promote cellular regeneration and fight cancer-causing free radicals. The Performance Supplements Store started in Orem, Utah, in 2004 with the goal to improve the health of others through affordable and high-quality health supplements. Our products and ingredients are naturally sourced to ensure the best results for customers. Get relief from your daily pain today!