10 Cherry Bomb Bundle! | Ultimate Brain Energy Drink!

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10 Cherry Bomb Bundle! | Ultimate Brain Energy Drink!

Cherry Bomb : Mental Sharpness - Improved Alertness - Great Taste - Maximum Focus & Concentration.

The Cherry Bomb is a healthy, natural and proprietary blend of energy sustaining vitamins, amino acids and energy minerals that together provide a healthy boost of energy to help you perform mentally, at your peak!
Although the brain accounts for only 2 percent of the body's weight, it burns 20 percent of the body's daily calorie intake and requires specific nutrients for optimum performance. Cherry Bomb helps to boost your mental alertness, memory improvement, better physical activity, better metabolism, higher level of endurance, better blood circulation, and may even help fight stress and anxiety.
There are dozens of sweet carbonated and non-carbonated energy drinks filled with loads of ingredients that simply taste nasty when combined together. Some may or may not boost mental alertness, add spring to your step, and kick start brain activity. Most taste artificial or taste like medicine. Only Cherry Bomb is smooth and natural tasting with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.